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Default Why is there still no through ticketing?

The connectivity with the Fishguard sailings is indeed much better since May of last year but through ticketing ex-UK has still not been re-enabled (it was available in 2013).

A perusal of any of the UK-based sites such as National Rail Enquiries or Arriva Trains Wales gives, for instance, an absurd Carmarthen [CMN] to Wexford [WEX] journey of 19 to 21 hours routed via Holyhead! Talk about three sides of a square...

Whereas the journey from Carmarthen to Wexford via Fishguard-Rosslare is available twice a day taking just under 7.5 hrs daytime and just shy of 9 hours overnight.

Similarly one cannot purchase a SailRail ticket at any of the stations between Connolly and Rosslare.

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