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Originally Posted by zag View Post
OK Mark- thanks for that.

It looks like discounted fares on that line only go as far as Gorey for the moment. I don't mind paying 22.50, but if I could get it cheaper I would.

There's something weird about the pricing on that link you sent. They say that a normal day return Gorey-Dublin is 16.80, yet if I ask it for a single for that route it tells me the price is 16.80. A single is the same price as a day return . . . now if I was a customer looking at their booking engine, there is nothing to tell me that I can get a day return for the same price. They should really be telling people about these fares on the booking page (in my opinion).

As long as you do don't buy them at any Maynooth line TVM you should be grand!
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