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There are ongoing discussions between an international operator and Irish Rail. It would be inappropriate to discuss the stage things are at, other than to say things sound quite positive.

As for WoT its become increasingly clear that they really have no clue as to what is going on and as to the rules and legal situation as to how railways work. As long as they continue to deny the reality they are going nowhere. RTE's report was fair and accurate and cut through a lot of the nonsense and crap others defending this mess have used to cover up the disaster the WRC is.

As for the legal position, unless Irish Rail issue a closure notice on the WRC no private operator can operate a passenger service. Irish Rail's contract has nearly 8 years to run and they are operating the WRC in compliance with the contract terms, so can't be thrown off the route.

The RPA don't have an EU rail safety license so they can't run the service, they don't run the Luas either, thats Veolia Transport Dublin Light Rail Ltd

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