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Mickey H 31-01-2019 16:17

Failure of seat reservation system
Not a day goes past without at least one complaint on social media about reservations not switched on. This is almost always on ICR operated services and only rarely on mk4

Is it due to staff laziness, a technology failure or a combination?

A related question: Does taking a reserved seat that is not yours constitute the offence of theft?

Mark Gleeson 01-02-2019 08:05

The Mk4 only runs a single route, always the same configuration so it tends to work a lot better.

The 22k has a lot of random configuration issues, there are certainly hardware failures and there are staff issues as well as communication issues. We have had meetings with Irish Rail and there are processes in place to review failures and to locate the issue, this has found some interesting issues.

Jamie2k9 11-02-2019 22:05

After a poor period even by IE standards in September-November period it has really improved since they have put a person in charge and what Mark says above.

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