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ie219 09-04-2021 21:21

change at Lavistown Junction
Just a thought. Would it be possible to reduce journey time to Waterford by having an interchange at Lavistown junction similar to Manulla junction and rail car to Kilkenny

ACustomer 10-04-2021 09:19

Yes, it would be possible. But (a) you would save max 10 minutes to Waterford offset by an extra five minutes plus the inconvenience of a train change for Kilkenny (b) the cost of the necessary works at Lavistown might be better spent somewhere else for service improvements (c) The cost of having an extra train stabled at Kilkenny, plus extra crews would be significant

So for these reasons alone the idea would be a non-runner on a cost-benefit basis. The comparison with Manulla is misplaced: compare distances Lavistown-Kilkenny with Manulla-Ballina.

dowlingm 12-04-2021 03:49

Princeton Dinky in New Jersey is bonkers enough without importing the concept!

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