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Mark Gleeson 26-08-2019 10:43

New Arrangements At Limerick Junction
It may have taken 150 odd years but finally Limerick Junction has platforms for all directions for all trains.

As of Sunday last, a new Cork bound platform is in place so trains between Dublin and Cork can stop at Limerick Junc at the same time as Cork Dublin services.

This will eliminate the frequent delays and the large timetabled waits at Limerick Junction in a future timetable

The bridge between the new platform and existing station is positioned to minimise the walk between trains for the connection to/from Limerick.

comcor 26-08-2019 22:11

Still no platform facing Waterford?

dowlingm 27-08-2019 00:49


Originally Posted by comcor (Post 80064)
Still no platform facing Waterford?

Waterford is the redheaded stepchild at the Junction :D

comcor 27-08-2019 14:43

I would presume that should someone feel like investing in the Waterford line, a platform would be much easier as a result of this work. No bridges or ramps needed, just join the Cork-bound platform in a V to the Waterford one.

Or are there problems with having a train stop somewhere where an overshoot would bring it onto the mainline? While it's not identical, it does seem to be similar to the set up at Howth Junction.

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