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Eddie 23-04-2020 07:21

Coronavirus & Annual Tax Saver
For the many commuters who have found themselves working from home for the last 5 weeks and may be doing for some time to come, and haven't already cancelled their annual Tax Saver tickets, what is the advice about doing so?

Should they carry on paying in the hope of a credit at expiry? Or cut their losses now and cancel the ticket and reapply when their commuting days return?

James Shields 01-05-2020 19:55

It looks like commuters will get extra months based on the duration of the lockdown.

People who lose their jobs and need to cancel their TaxSaver tickets will be able to get a refund from the date the lockdown started.


Eddie 05-08-2020 14:37

Has this been clarified in any way since 1 May?

Questions I see arising from text are:

1. Are those working from home (and some companies are reporting that employees may do so well into 2021) expected to continue to pay for their Annual TaxSaver ticket (which could be up to 100+ a month or more of after tax income) whilst not using it in exchange for some replacement months travel in the future? Will the replacement time period in months be rounded up or down?

2. How does the refund work in practise for those continuing to pay for their travel and not use it but eventually lose their jobs and are therefore entitled to a refund from the date of lockdown (13 March)?

3. And will those who decided to cancel their cards at the end of March as they could see that their TaxSaver ticket might not be utilised for some time due to home-working be further compensated? Under the "Existing Terms & Conditions" they would have received a rebate of only 10% x Annual Cost of TaxSaver Ticket x [Number of full months remaining - 2]. This cohort of people lose out due to the methodlogy of the rebate plus non-use in the last 2 weeks in March. This cohort of people could fall into the categories of people who either retain their jobs and eventually return to the office or ultimately lose their jobs.

James Shields 06-08-2020 16:44

These are all interesting questions, and I have no idea of the answer.

Annual ticket renewed in April, so I've never had occasion to use my current ticket (indeed, I believe the recommendation is still that public transport should be used for essential travel only, and as I can work from home, any transport would be non-essential).

Ar present I'm working from home till the end of the year, and that's likely to be extended unless the Coronavirus situation changes radically. Furthermore, with new work practices it seems unlikely I'll be commuting every day after the end of the pandemic, and it may be that a season ticket will no longer offer the best value.

If I cancel my unused ticket now, would I get a full refund for the year?

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