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Mickey H 12-11-2019 20:21

Yesterday on the DART I attempted to report a tissue seller via 51444. As I currently live in the north I have a UK phone. It refused to send the message. Is this because you have to have an Irish phone/simcard or was it just not working?

Jamie2k9 12-11-2019 21:48

These type of numbers are usually restricted so its because you don't have an ROI network.

James Shields 13-11-2019 12:26

This is an issue that could affect tourists and other travellers with non-Irish networks, and IÉ need to provide a text/phone number that's not locked to Irish networks.

A useful feature would be to connect it to the on-board WiFi. Why not have a button on the page where you connect to the WiFi showing "Report a problem on the train"?

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