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Rashers 14-05-2014 18:18

[14/05/2014] Delays to evening peak Darts & Northern suburban line
18.13 Pearse to Drogheda has failed at Howth junction and is blocking all northbound Darts and trains.
18.40 Connolly to Drogheda delayed 20 mins behind it. All passengers transferred onto this so packed. Not a single announcement from the driver. This fast train has now to stop at all stations adding to it's delay.
Expect delays on following Connolly to Belfast.

longword 15-05-2014 12:18

Things were less than stellar later in the evening too, after the match in the Aviva. I missed the 19:13 to Drogheda by a few minutes so I had to sit and wait in Pearse for the 20:13. I watched as the tide of Liverpool shirts flowed in. Stuffed DART headed for Howth, another one to Howth, full train to Maynooth, another two full DARTs to Malahide, another full one to Maynooth (a bit delayed, but a full size train at least). Then along comes the Drogheda train.

Four carriages.

Nice one Irish Rail.

Commuter101 15-05-2014 15:05

There were delays before that too .... I got the 17.13 from Pearse-Dundalk and it was delayed 15 mins leaving the station .... No (legible) announcement (other than keep behind the yellow lines)

Off topic so please forgive me but does anyone know why commuter trains don't start at Grand Canal Dock ? Thanks !

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