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Colm Moore 19-12-2011 18:07

[19/12/2011] Disruption northbound at Seapoint - delays

Disruption to DART Services by Corporate Communications

A limited number of DART services are operating due to a mechanical fault on a train at Seapoint. Dublin Bus are honouring train tickets.

Some Northbound DART services starting from Pearse.

Maynooth services are operating with possibly some minor delays.

Iarnród Éireann apologise for any inconvenience caused.

zag 19-12-2011 18:25

Wife stuck on train outside Dun Laoghaire for 60 minutes. One announcement, no reversing back to DL. Just started moving now.


James Howard 19-12-2011 18:45

I would hardly call the 1818 to Longford estimated at 1907 a minor delay. I'm going to try my luck on the 1905 to Sligo. They might let us out ahead of the 1818 but I won't be holding my breath. At least I can wait in a degree of comfort.

Mark Gleeson 19-12-2011 19:17

Another comedy of errors

17:03 Dun Laoghaire Howth failed at Seapoint with some form of problem with the controller handle

16:30 Greystones Malahide terminated at Connolly and then went wrong track back to Seapoint to drag the defective train out. Only got as far as Booterstown by 18:20

17:15 Howth Bray terminated at Pearse and then ran back to Howth

An empty 8 coach DART went south towards Lansdowne Rd at 17:45 and returned towards Malahide

The 17:36 Connolly Wexford was delayed for no good reason in the mess

James Howard 19-12-2011 19:24

Oh the Fat Controller will be furious

At least they saw sense with the 1905 to Sligo. It left on time and we've barrelled out at line speed as far as Clonsilla which is as good as it gets for this service. He's just put the boot down again, so we are in serious danger of making it to Maynooth on time.

Rashers 19-12-2011 20:05

16.50 Bray to Drogheda was exactly 1 hour delayed, so passengers on this should be entitled to a partial refund.
Information on platforms at Lansdowne Road and Pearse during the 1 hour was very poor. Even Connolly information desk had no details on delays at 17.30 when I rang them. Said they had just found out themselves :confused:

James Howard 19-12-2011 20:24

What the hell is wrong with these guys? All of these trains are either less than 10 years old or refurbished over the last five years.

We seem to be experiencing disruption of this nature on a weekly basis.

Nobody seems to give a damn about maintenance, testing or any level of systematic quality. The system has insufficient network capability to route around train failures so everything collapses at the slightest sign of trouble.

Minor irritants like tripping power sockets or incorrectly programmed automated announcements persist for months (or sometimes years). The 29Ks to Longford have been incorrectly announcing Longford at Edgeworthstown since they entered service yet nobody cares enough to do anything about it.

Colm Moore 19-12-2011 21:18

17:55 - Rosslare Europort to Dublin Connolly (40 mins late) Departed Glenageary next stop Dun Laoghaire - but map showing it at Pearse.

Still quite a few trains with delays of about 10 minutes.

shweeney 20-12-2011 17:28


Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson (Post 65464)
Another comedy of errors

16:30 Greystones Malahide terminated at Connolly and then went wrong track back to Seapoint to drag the defective train out. Only got as far as Booterstown by 18:20

this train sat in Connolly with people on it for 15 minutes - they made announcements over the station tannoy that it was out of service, but apparently not on the train itself.

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