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ThomasJ 10-07-2010 17:02

blackrock station
leaving blackrock station this evening, i witnessed three seperate incidents within five minutes where people jumped over the bars from outside the station onto the platform. Despite the exit/entry validation in place in the station, i have seen this numerous times over the past few weeks

I have mentioned it to the ticket clerk.

PLUMB LOCO 11-07-2010 07:32

Fat lot of good reporting it to the ticket clerk will do. You need to contact the Organ Grinder not his monkey.

Dick Fearn,
Irish Rail,
Connolly Station,

A photo might also be helpful but given IE's woeful record in securing its property or the safety of its passengers I doubt whatever you do will make any difference.

Mark Gleeson 11-07-2010 10:12

Idiots will be idiots and no amount of fencing will keep a certain type out.

The railings in question are subject to a very complex set of planning conditions so changing them isn't going to happen

Eddie 11-07-2010 20:35

I saw this too at about 4pm today; seemed to be some lads, I'd say 14-15 age bracket.


Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson (Post 57163)
no amount of fencing will keep a certain type out.

Maybe not, but CCTV, entry and exit ticket checks, and luas frequency on-board ticket checks might stop such rampant fare evasion.

Thomas Ralph 17-07-2010 20:20

Well, I'm nearly four years living in Dublin and on-train ticket checks I've experienced would rate at under one per year.

The London Underground has started having plain-clothes ticket checkers who randomly get onto a train. Takes them a long time though because everyone's on Oyster cards.

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