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Mark Gleeson 14-08-2006 16:42

Broken Lifts / Accessibility

Tara Street southbound

Lifts Out of Order

No Wheelchair access Donabate

Mark Gleeson 21-08-2006 11:26


Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson

Tara Street southbound

Lifts Out of Order

Are still out of order

Colm Donoghue 21-08-2006 13:45


Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson

No Wheelchair access Donabate

Issue in Donabate is the northbound platform, car park access is fenced off from the platform, you have to go up stairs to the road. There are roadworks on the old carpark exit on the northbound platform. or so it appeared this morning.

I think southbound access should be ok, if that is of any use.

It's be nice to have an update on projected finish date of the works.

Mark Gleeson 21-08-2006 16:49

Connolly is also broke now

Mark Gleeson 22-08-2006 09:11

Todays list

Tara Street southbound
Grand Canal Dock northbound
Connolly (which of the 3 lifts unknown)

Mark Gleeson 25-08-2006 08:05

Grand Canal Dock is still broken

Mark Gleeson 25-08-2006 14:58

Grand Canal Dock fixed
Booterstown southbound is now broken

Derek Wheeler 25-08-2006 18:57

There is a story doing the rounds that IE may have no maintenence contract on station lifts.

Mark Gleeson 27-08-2006 16:20

No reason given but Killbarrack has no wheelchair access today Sunday

Booterstown station is unstaffed today (since a member of staff has been suspended for 3 days we know everything:D) that means both lifts are locked

Sydney Parade also unstaffed so no ramp to get on or off

craigybagel 27-08-2006 23:33

no lifts at kilbarrack totally flat access to the platforms no reason for it to be inaccessable unless it too is unmanned at the moment.......unless someone put a car or somesuch object in the way wouldnt be the first time.

Mark Gleeson 31-08-2006 09:28

Blackrock is broken since yesterday

Mark Gleeson 04-09-2006 16:44

Killiney northbound is out

Mark Gleeson 06-09-2006 16:43

Booterstown has been out since last night, everything else working

Mark Gleeson 11-09-2006 09:34

Glenageary southbound is gone now

Mark Gleeson 12-09-2006 08:45

Grand Canal Dock Northbound

You get the feeling there is a requirement for one lift to be broken at all times

Mark Gleeson 13-09-2006 08:46

Tara Street Northbound is out now

Mark Gleeson 18-09-2006 09:38

All go today

Tara Street

All broke

Mark Gleeson 26-09-2006 11:20


Lifts are broken

Mark Gleeson 23-10-2006 08:46

All fun and games today

Blackrock, Tara Street and Skerries are all broken

Mark Gleeson 25-10-2006 08:07

Is there ever any rest

Tara Street and southbound lift at Booterstown are broken

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