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ACustomer 31-12-2018 20:59

IE Broombridge and Luas
Today I visited the Broombridge interconnection between the LUAS and the Maynooth line. LUAS had displays showing departure times as well as timetables. The IE platforms were devoid of displays (the next train could have been 5 minutes or 65 minutes away for all the information that was given). Furthermore there appeared to be no station timetable.

I know the station used to be a war zone before there was any connection or LUAS presence. But in the new situation if the LUAS platforms can be properly kitted out with information why not the IE ones?

My answer is that as usual IE is hopelesly badly managed when it comes to customer service.

ThomasJ 01-01-2019 03:31

Completely agree.

There's a number of things broombridge could do with at this stage.

Ticket machines
A few more card validators
A couple of porches
A timetable notice
Rtpi next train displays

James Howard 01-01-2019 16:58

It also seems to be a wilful omission not to have Sligo services stopping there to enable Luas connections.

Mark Gleeson 02-01-2019 12:26

A new platform information system is under review currently by Irish Rail.

Broombridge needs a complete overhaul but it does expose the complete farce of the ticketing system that the Luas TVM cannot handle ticket for Irish Rail

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