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MugsGame 17-06-2010 09:34

Howth-bound DART takes wrong fork at Howth Junction
Was on a Howth-bound DART yesterday evening that arrived in to Howth Junction around 8:30pm, but on the Malahide-bound platform!

The timetable, online realtime display, station display at origin, external train display (at origin and at arrival) all confirm it was a Howth-bound DART.

I jumped off along with many other confused passengers. Not sure what if anything was done to resolve this, as I was able to walk to my destination.

What can cause this sort of error - does the driver control the signals / points?

Mark Gleeson 17-06-2010 10:37

The signaling records from yesterday are all over the place, the train which left Howth Junction at 20:30 was coded as a Malahide bound service.

The 19:25 Bray Howth (E932) is shown as spending 20+ minutes between Connolly and Clontraf Rd when in fact its identity swapped to the following Malahide (E828) bound train. So the train changed destination enroute

Unless manually overridden each train follows the timetabled route automatically based on its train id, only the signalman in Connolly can over ride the system

It should not happen and if it does it should be explained why

Mark Gleeson 17-06-2010 10:47

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The record doesn't make any sense
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ThomasJ 17-06-2010 11:05

there was a warning of delays of 20-25 minutes to services due to "an incident beyond our control at monkstown" up on the screen at tara street last night..

Any chance the two are connected?

MugsGame 17-06-2010 11:37

Interesting. There was nothing about delays at Clontarf Rd. when I boarded the "Howth-bound" train at 8:12/8:13pm.

zag 17-06-2010 13:16

I was on a Southbound DART at Tara Street about 2020 last night when there was a totally inaudible platform announcement. A minute later there was an in-train announcement where the driver indicated there were going to be delays. You could tell from his wording that it sounded like this was a serious problem (person/train incident by the sounds of things) which wasn't going away any time soon so myself and a few others jumped off the train and went to get a bus instead. As we were walking down the platform the beeps went, the doors closed and he pulled out . . .

It still made sense to get the bus as the train was likely to be sitting somewhere south of Dublin as whatever problem it was got solved.


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