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ie219 29-01-2012 08:17

Waterford Rosslare
It is nearly 18 months since the withdrawal of services on the Waterford Rosslare line. There was talk of others operating the line, has this idea died?
I read on WRC web site that perhaps the RPA should take over that line, perhaps they could also take in the Waterford Rosslare section?

Mark Gleeson 29-01-2012 14:16

There are ongoing discussions between an international operator and Irish Rail. It would be inappropriate to discuss the stage things are at, other than to say things sound quite positive.

As for WoT its become increasingly clear that they really have no clue as to what is going on and as to the rules and legal situation as to how railways work. As long as they continue to deny the reality they are going nowhere. RTE's report was fair and accurate and cut through a lot of the nonsense and crap others defending this mess have used to cover up the disaster the WRC is.

As for the legal position, unless Irish Rail issue a closure notice on the WRC no private operator can operate a passenger service. Irish Rail's contract has nearly 8 years to run and they are operating the WRC in compliance with the contract terms, so can't be thrown off the route.

The RPA don't have an EU rail safety license so they can't run the service, they don't run the Luas either, thats Veolia Transport Dublin Light Rail Ltd

dowlingm 29-01-2012 15:34

I suppose this factual info could be posted here:
but it would probably be deleted/blocked due to heretical content.

ACustomer 29-01-2012 17:54

dowlingm: that link to WOT produced the following gem:
North West on Track
Our aim is to get the Government of Ireland to realistically assess the cost of building a modern, mainline railway from Sligo to Letterkenny and then on to Derry, and to get European structural money to pay for it (alongside support from the private sector). We are also keen in reopening something akin to the old Derry Road (a great old mainline railway) which ran from Portadown to Derry via Cookstown, Dungannon, Omagh, Newtownstewart, Sion Mills, Strabane and St. Johnstown (in Éire) and ended at Derry. Possibly the Sligo-Derry loopline could merge with the Derry Road at Strabane.

Dreamers? Fantasists? One thing is sure: these people are totally impervious to any rational argument.

comcor 30-01-2012 07:08

Talking of Waterford-Rosslare...

I don't have first-hand evidence of this, but I am told by a local that a lot of stones have been dumped over the line somewhere in the region of Duncormick (between Wellingtonbridge and Bridgetown). As described, this was something deliberate.

Considering the line had to be used to move rolling stock during the Dublin flooding, I'm a bit surprised that anyone would make it deliberately impassable.

Mark Gleeson 30-01-2012 18:57

IE is under contract to keep the line open

There was a recent enough test of a piece of track maintenance equipment on the route on the Wellington Bridge-Rosslare section

Colm Moore 30-01-2012 19:27


Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson (Post 66087)
Irish Rail's contract has nearly 8 years to run and they are operating the WRC in compliance with the contract terms, so can't be thrown off the route.

NTA can change the contract at will, although whether they do is another matter.

Mark Gleeson 30-01-2012 19:57

The NTA really don't give the vibe that they will ever use the nuclear option.

Even if the do, there is no legal obligation on Irish Rail to allow a third party to operate domestic passenger services, so if IE are thrown off there is no service.

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