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Metrolink Consultation

May 11th 2018

Metrolink Consultation

The following is the submission made by Rail Users Ireland to the public consultation for Metrolink, aka Metro North.

  1. Irish Rail station works at Glasnevin and Tara Street should form part of the project and be funded and constructed as part of the core Metrolink design/build contracts as to avoid planning and construction issues, see Broombridge Luas+Irish Rail as an example when this does not occur

  2. Stations to be designed, built, fitted out, certificated and maintained for 90m trains from opening day to avoid disruption and cost in the future should extension to 90m be required.

  3. Stations should be open plan without turnstiles

  4. All stations to have at least 2 entrances to maximise catchment area, all entrances to be fully accessible

  5. At O'Connell Street the station should include an entrance at the Parnell Luas stop to avoid the need for pedestrians to cross one possibly two busy streets when making a change

  6. In the interest of efficiency the entire route should be operated on a ATO basis

  7. Turnback facilities to be provided at St Stephen's Green

  8. Turnback facilities to be provided at Glasnevin

  9. Turnback facilities to be provided at Dublin Airport

  10. Tie in to Green Line at Beachwood per the original plans. The track spacing at Beachwood is sufficient for 2.65m trains, this avoids the need to reconstruct the section between Beachwood and Charlemont. This tie in would allow a connection between the Green Line and Metro, helpful for the transition period and for maintenance.This option also ensures an option to continue westwards towards Harolds Cross and Tallaght as previously envisaged

  11. Provision should be made to ensure nothing will obstruct a possible extension northwards from the northern terminus towards Donabate/Rush and Lusk

  12. Integration option at Sandyford should allow for potential for Metro to extend onwards on the former Harcourt Street alignment towards Foxrock

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