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National Rail Fare Calculator

February 24th 2014

Rail Users Ireland (RUI) today announces the availability of the first and only nationwide fare calculator, this tool allows anyone to get the correct cash fare between any two stations on the Irish Rail network for the first time.

Available at http://www.railusers.ie/passenger_info/fare_calc.php

RUI spokesman Mark Gleeson said, "Despite the hundreds of millions of euro spent by Irish Rail over the last 15 million, something simple as the way to find out the fare between any two stations on the Irish Rail network does not exist, it is a shocking example of Irish Rail's lack of customer focus that such a basic service is not offered".

The fare calculator covers all single, return, monthly and annual fares including LEAP card fares. Many promotional fares are also included.

Rail Users Ireland reminds passengers that tickets bought online in advance may be cheaper but at the cost of been inflexible and subject to additional terms and conditions. This tool is for tickets purchased at the station only.

This is a trial service and may not always return the correct fare. Despite repeated requests Irish Rail refused to release its fares manual to Rail Users Ireland. Rail Users Ireland has taken appropriate steps to validate the fare information based on documentation from the National Transport Authority.

Last Updated: February 24 2014 21:25:58
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