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Rail Users Ireland participates in Smartcard Trials

March 7th 2010

Rail Users Ireland was invited by Irish Rail to participate in the user testing of the new Irish Rail Dublin Short Hop zone ePurse smartcard. Through our membership a group of 20 is taking part in this trial. The ePurse smartcard works similarly to the existing Luas smartcard, however several additional customer features are provided.

Members of the trial group tested not only the smartcard equipment at stations, but also the customer service response following a problem such as forgetting to tag off. Throughout this process Rail Users Ireland has provided a wide range of feedback which identified problems as well as proposing improvements to ensure rail passengers will be offered a reliable and simple to use system.

Key Information

  • Smartcards may be purchased from any ticket vending machine within the Dublin area following the public launch
  • A smartcard lost or stolen may be replaced retaining its credit for a small charge unlike the current case where either no replacement is possible or a significant charge applies
  • The cards are robust and reliable and open turnstile gates significantly faster than old style tickets
  • Unlike the Luas smartcard, if a passenger is due a refund it is credited directly back to the card.
  • Other innovations include the ability to setup automatic top up when your balance goes below a level you set plus an ability to review and top up your cards online
  • Single fares are charged at half the equivalent return fare
  • The smartcard system installed is fully compatible with the integrated ticketing project

Passengers holding 'Rail Only Short Hop Zone' annual tickets may get them replaced today with a Smartcard at no cost by contacting the TaxSaver office at Connolly station.

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