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Live Travel Information

June 28th 2009

Today we launch our live travel information service, this much requested service is based on the twitter platform. It enables us to deliver the up to date passenger focused information in a number of ways supporting web and mobile users.

Unlike Irish Rail's twitter service, we won't annoy you will self promotional junk and we will avoid where possible the need for you to click on links to get to the real information. Updates are posted by several Rail Users Ireland committee members and a number of members. This ensures frequent and accurate updates from the people actually delayed.

Irish Rail rarely provide any information concerning delayed services and on those rare occasions that they do the information is poor, contradictory and rarely of any real use.

This new service exists not only to providing useful and much requested travel information to the general public put also as an easy way to record failures of Irish Rail to provide a service which meets peoples needs and expectations.

You can follow our travel updates in a number of ways:

Last Updated: June 28 2009 16:21:15
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