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Rail passengers express anger at short notice of planned disruption

May 15th 2009

Rail Users Ireland, Ireland's national rail users organisation strongly condemns the short notice given by Irish Rail concerning two sets of poorly advertised engineering works which effect nearly every route country wide.

This weekends closure of the DART line in Dublin between Dublin Connolly and Dun Laoghaire was only advertised on Friday evening May 8th and notice was only placed in the Irish Rail website on Wednesday May 13th, only 4 days before the disruption. There is no reason given for the suspension of services between Pearse and Connolly stations, this needlessly inconveniences the public yet further. Passengers from Bray are not allowed use their rail tickets on the 45, 84 and 145 bus services to reach the city, instead are required to change at Dun Laoghaire.

There are also a large number of changes to services operating to/from Heuston station over the weekend of 16/17th of May, effecting services to Cork, Tralee, Galway, Westport, Waterford and the Kildare local service. Notice only appeared on the Irish Rail website at lunchtime on Friday May 15th.

This short and at times lack of notice is common practice, at times notices have been placed after the start of the planned disruption and in some cases no notice at all exists, particularly with respect to the Limerick Junction Waterford Line.

Speaking for Rail Users Ireland, Mark Gleeson said, "this short notice is disgraceful and is so typical of Irish Rail's basic refusal to communicate with its passengers, is it any wonder passengers are turning to their cars?"

Passengers have a right to up to date accurate journey information, a right which the European Union has enshrined in legislation. Based on industry standards Rail Users Ireland believes that a minimum of 4 weeks notice should be given for all planned engineering works to ensure the travel plans of the public are not disrupted.

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