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Rail Commuters Suffer Yet Again

February 6th 2009

Rail Users Ireland, Ireland's national rail users organisation strongly condemn the operational mess that Irish Rail allowed to develop on the morning commute on the 6th February 2009.

Over 30,000 commuters were faced with an abrupt disruption to their normal commutes following poor management of works at Pearse Station. Many commuters were given no information about disruptions on their journey into the city and were simply dumped at either Connolly station or Grand Canal Dock to make their own way to their workplaces. To add insult to injury some commuters found that Dublin Bus were not accepting tickets despite the notice on the Irish Rail website.

Mark Gleeson, a spokesperson for Rail Users Ireland said, "Once again this highlights the lack of any contingency planning within Irish Rail. Thousands of commuters were disrupted and abandoned without any information being given to them on the ground. No one in Irish Rail will be held accountable for this mess and this situation needs to change if we are to encourage more people out of their cars and onto public transport in Dublin."

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