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6:30 Portlaoise Heuston & 17:35 Heuston Carlow

April 28th 2008

Created April 28 2008 14:29, last update April 28 2008 19:51

Rail Users Ireland understands that as of today the 6:30 Portlaoise Heuston will once again operate, however this situation may change at short notice. In particular Rail Users Ireland understands this services runs the risk of cancellation again after the May bank holiday. The 17:35 Heuston Carlow service was expected to resume also since its reason for cancellation is the same as that of the 6:30 Portlaoise service but this has not occurred.

These services where cancelled from February 11th onwards as a result of long standing issues concerning driver rest day working, rostering and other matters which have been under discussion since May 2006.

Rail Users Ireland understands that Irish Rail management finally made an offer to unions last week and Phil Flynn is facilitating a meeting today. Rail Users Ireland is not aware of any decision or agreement as of yet to fully resolve all outstanding matters, however we call on both sides to resolve these issues and restore a dependable service as soon as possible. Services in the Cork area and between Westport and Dublin remain effected.

Last Updated: April 28 2008 19:51:41
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