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Cancellations Iarnród Éireann don't want you to know about

February 13th 2008, updated April 2nd

Due to ongoing long standing unresolved industrial relation matters drivers in Cork and Westport have not accepted the 2008 rosters, opting to continue working the agreed 2007 roster, until now this has only effected the Sunday morning Dublin Cork timetable and the Sunday lunchtime train from Westport to Dublin.

As of Monday February 11th drivers based in Cork, Limerick and Inchicore, Dublin have decided not to work their rest days in protest at the lack of progress in addressing the issues which have been raised, many of these issues date back to the Phil Flynn brokered deal in May 2006. Irish Rail rely on staff working rest days as there are insufficient drivers to cover all trains.

Drivers based in Connolly have since joined in not working rest days resulting in a near doubling of cancellations

Effected trains

Irish Rail have never admitted to the continued cancellations in Cork which we list. This list is by no means exhaustive, other trains are cancelled on an ad hoc basis with little or no notice.


  1. 05:45 Cork Millstreet, confirmed cancelled
  2. 06:30 Portlaoise Dublin, confirmed cancelled
  3. 06:55 Millstreet Cobh, runs only from Mallow (has never operated from Millstreet)
  4. 17:30 Cobh Millstreet, runs only to Mallow (has never operated to Millstreet)
  5. 17:35 Dublin Carlow, confirmed cancelled
  6. 19:25 Millstreet Cork, runs only from Mallow (has never operated)
  7. 19:30 Cork Cobh, subject continuing cancellation, possible bus substitution
  8. 20:00 Cork Cobh, subject continuing cancellation, possible bus substitution
  9. 20:30 Cork Cobh, subject continuing cancellation, possible bus substitution
  10. 21:00 Cork Cobh, subject continuing cancellation, possible bus substitution

Frequently cancelled with little or no notice

  1. 14:45 Pearse Balbriggan
  2. 16:08 Balbriggan Connolly
  3. 17:07 Connolly Balbriggan (17:13 Pearse Dundalk will make extra stops at Donabate and Rush & Lusk if cancelled)
  4. 18:07 Balbriggan Connolly
  5. 19:29 Pearse Maynooth
  6. 20:25 Maynooth Pearse
  7. 21:55 Pearse Maynooth
  8. 23:13 Maynooth Connolly


Following are likely to be cancelled:

  1. 13:18 Pearse Drogheda
  2. 14:30 Drogheda Pearse
  3. 15:05 Connolly Sligo
  4. 16:04 Maynooth Bray runs only to Connolly
  5. 17:34 Bray Mullingar
  6. 19:00 Sligo Dublin, cancelled bus transfer throughout


The following services are likely to be cancelled:

  1. 07:30 Cork Dublin
  2. 09:30 Cork Dublin
  3. 11:30 Cork Dublin
  4. 11:00 Dublin Cork

Have been replaced by the

  1. 08:30 Cork Dublin
  2. 10:30 Cork Dublin

Departure time changes

13.30 service from Westport to Dublin is deferred to 14.25 on Sundays, the connecting 13.20 Ballina to Manulla Junction is deferred to 14.15

Last Updated: April 03 2008 09:57:06
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