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Rail Users Ireland launches its fares calculator

February 11th 2008

Rail Users Ireland today launches its fares calculator allowing the public to quickly get rail fare information. At the moment Irish Rail don't offer the ability to quickly get fares online, the only way to find out is during office hours by telephone or by email. Of course Irish Rail's limited online reservation system can be used but it refuses to quote fares from the majority of stations, is not terribly accurate and is known to incorrectly quote fares where discounted fares exist.

The initial release of the Rail Users Ireland fares calculator covers the Dublin Sligo, Dublin Dundalk and Dublin Rosslare Europort routes, the three routes missing off the Irish Rail reservation system. We will extend this in time to cover all journeys within the Republic of Ireland and hopefully will be able to quote fares for journeys to stations within Northern Ireland.

The fares calculator can be found here http://www.railusers.ie/passenger_info/fare_calc.php

Last Updated: February 11 2008 11:50:58
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