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Passenger Rail Safety Guide

July 20th 2008

Rail Users Ireland notes the recent publication of the Railway Safety Commission's Third Party Safety Guides which provide key information on what the general public should do if faced with rail accident or an imminent risk of an accident together with useful safety advice while traveling by train.

Rail Users Ireland provided two rounds of comprehensive feedback and comments on the drafts of the passenger safety guide during the initial closed consultation, having being contacted by the Railway Safety Commission. The vast majority of our comments have been incorporated in the final version. Unfortunately our comments concerning the need for the guide to be compact and easily accessible have not been acted upon.

We recommend that all passengers take a few moments to read through the guide. Although accidents are rare, prompt and correct action may make the difference and prevent an accident.

You can access the passenger guide from the Railway Safety Commission's website here. Other guides, including one for level crossing users are available from the Railway Safety Commission's website www.rsc.ie

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