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Fast Morning Service to Maynooth Reinstated

January 15th 2008

Rail Users Ireland is happy to be the first to publically confirm that there will now be a 8:08am non stop Connolly Maynooth service. Irish Rail had planned to withdraw the current 8:00am Connolly Sligo train in favour of 7am and 9am departures, leaving staff and students of NUI Maynooth in a very awkward position.

Rail Users Ireland had written to the Northern and Eastern Service planning manager at the start of January highlighting the fact that Irish Rail where already running a non stop service from Connolly to Maynooth at 8:08am, however it didn't carry passengers. Running this train in service comes at no cost or extra effort on anyone within Irish Rail.

No notice exists on the Irish Rail website indicating this service will now operate

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