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Rail Users Ireland launches its election demands

May 2nd 2007

Rail Users Ireland, the National Rail Users Organisation, has devised a list of issues that need to be addressed in relation to the provision of rail transport in Ireland. As we approach the General Election, our comprehensive list is designed to promote a broad spectrum of ideas, that run from major infrastructural and planning projects to more customer focused plans that include excellent service and security provision on our rail network. All of the ideas we are promoting are in the interests of Irelandís rail users. They are important and easily achievable goals that will ultimately lead to benefits for Ireland's rail users and potential rail users.

We have highlighted 14 issues:

  1. Creation of a Dedicated Transport Police
  2. Accessibility Legislation
  3. Political Appointees
  4. Accountability
  5. Passengers as board members of CIE & RPA
  6. Dublin Transport Authority
  7. Where does the profit on sale of former rail land go?
  8. Customer Charter
  9. Public Transport Users Ombudsman
  10. Infrastructural Investment
  11. Tax Incentives on Annual Tickets
  12. Station Car Parking
  13. Railway Byelaws
  14. Safety & Overcrowding

The full document detailing each of our 14 demands is available here

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