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Docklands Station Opens

March 12th 2007

Rail Users Ireland welcomes the opening of the new station in Docklands this morning, providing much need relief for IFSC bound commuters from West Dublin. Rail Users Ireland has long supported this station and made presentations at the Spencer Dock North forum during the public consulation phase some years ago to ensure a station was included.

However the actual end result is extermely poor compared to what was orignally envisaged. Instead of the station being location on the Mayor Street extension through Spencer Dock it is placed north of Sherrif Street adding several hundred meters walk not to mention the station does not integrate with the approved Red Luas line extension. The Red Luas line is to run along Mayor Street this leaves approximately a 350m walk, fully exposed to the elements from the station to the nearest Luas stop referred to as Spencer Dock in the RPA plans. Fully exposed quite unlike the shorter enclosed walk from DART to Luas in Connolly.

We remind the public that the station is temporary and must be removed no later than May 2016 by virtue of a planning condition. So while Iarnród Éireann make a fuss about it being the first new station in a century in Dublin city they won't tell you it will be one of the shortest lived stations ever built. This is not the first station on the North Quays either!

Iarnród Éireann have failed to deliver the promised Kildare Docklands service despite statements made before the Joint Oireacthas Committee on Transport in 2004 by Joe Meagher then Chief Executive of Iarnród Éireann that such a service would be provided.

The first related to the Phoenix Park tunnel, and perhaps I did not explain myself well. We certainly intend to use the Phoenix Park tunnel in the short term to bring trains from the Kildare-Newbridge area into Spencer Dock because there is a demand for that. Joe Meagher Iarnród Éireann Chief Executive February 25th 2004

On more practical matters Dublin Bus provide the 151 route from Docklands to Grangecastle via Tara Street station

Further details:

The 93 operates a circular route from Docklands to Burgh Quay to Eden Quay to Docklands. Tickets for journeys to Broombridge to Clonsilla are available on this bus

Further details:

The very first Clonsilla bound train at Docklands station ready to depart, new intercity railcar on the right.

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