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METRO NORTH - Platform 11 Statement.

March 7th 2006

Platform 11 welcomes the announcement of the Public Consultation Process for Metro North. After many years of indecision, broken promises and flawed proposals, it is most refreshing to see the RPA's vision for a Metro system in Dublin and its similarity with a proven system in Portugal. This should give us a solid starting point from which to achieve a cost effective and suitable metro system for Dublin.

Platform 11 hopes that its own Metro report from 2005, had a positive impact on the Metro project in terms of its extension to Swords, longer metro units and in putting an end to a concentration on just one line from the city to the airport. Thankfully this aspect was reflected through Transport 21's inclusion of Metro West.

While we are supportive of the Metro concept, we are concerned by Irish Rails lack of commitment to ensuring maximum integration between part of their existing network and Metro North in the Glasnevin area. (As proposed by Platform 11 in the O'Reilly Report*) We understand completely, that the onus is on Irish Rail to facilitate this. We intend to highlight this issue throughout the Metro North Public Consultation Process. Platform 11 will also be making submissions on other important aspects of Metro Norths construction and operation and we hope these will be considered by the RPA.

Since the announcement of Transport 21, the RPA have been very proactive in getting their many projects off the ground. We hope this continues and look forward to partaking in the consultation process and making a positive contribution.

A Metro/Luas system, upgraded Rail network and Bus routes, all integrated to maximum effect, should deliver us 21st century public transport in the Greater Dublin Region and help in the fight against unnecessary road congestion. This is what commuters expect and deserve.

* Extract from O'Reilly Report

Platform 11 also supports Iarnród Éireann's plan for an Interconnector and believes that Iarnród Éireann's plan for an Airport DART is preferable to a Metro. However, if a Metro were to be built, they strongly believe that it should intersect with the Phoenix Park line at Glasnevin Junction transfer station to allow for full integration of the Greater Dublin suburban network. Page 40 O'Reilly Metro report

Platform 11's proposals for a transfer station at Glasnevin Junction accommodating an underground Metro station are very interesting and clearly merit evaluation. Page 41 O'Reilly Metro report

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