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Meath CC admit blocking Navan rail line

February 21st 2006

Many are angered by the 2015 deadline for the reopening of Navan Dublin railway line, it could and should be delivered a lot earlier but this is dependent on many parties and in particular on Meath County Council getting its house in order in terms of focused development along the long. Meath County Council have been very eager to get their support recorded. However it is clear Meath County Council has undermined the line, firstly by omitting a bridge from the M3 plans at Cannistown and subsequently by laying a sewer pipe during the summer of 2005 along the alignment in Dunsany.

Thankfully An Bord Pleanala insisted that the bridge be provided at Cannistown and thus ensured that a railway was possible.

Following this Meath County Council laid a sewer pipe under the railway alignment in Dunsany. Meath County Council denied that the pipe obstructed the railway, even going as far as stating they was no sewer at all!

"I'm sick of hearing about some supposed sewer pipe on the Navan rail alignment"

"The pipe line was built to facilitate the reopening of the rail line."

Mr Tom Dowling, Meath County Manager, at a public meeting in Navan 2nd February 2006

However following several requests Meath County Council have now admitted, in writing that the laying of the pipeline does indeed obstruct the railway alignment and will require works to allow for a railway. Read our full response to this admission.

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