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Platform 11 Files Complaint With Advertising Standards Authority

January 24th 2006

In recent months complaints with respect to advertisements with relation to service capacity and train length respectively on DART services have been upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority. As a result of this Platform 11 is confident that our compliant with respect to a statement that all new DART coaches are air conditioned will also be upheld.

The poster in question contains Ronnie Drew with the text "Now more Dubliners are air conditioned" and "All new DART carriages are air conditioned". Platform 11 objects to this advertisement on the basis that it is both false and misleading.

To indicate the all new coaches as having air conditioning is misleading and factually incorrect as only 40 of the 78 new DART coaches are so fitted, these coaches are very easily identified by a different roof containing air conditioning equipment. The remaining 38 coaches are fitted with a forced air heating system.

Passengers are entitled to honesty.

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