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Chaos at Heuston, Thursday 16 Nov

November 20th 2006

On Thursday 16th November in Heuston Station hundreds of people were left stranded because three trains broke down. Two of these were due to problems that Irish Rail have known about but haven't got round to fixing yet. People were told to go to a platform then back again, and when they complained Irish Rail said it never happened.

Now Irish Rail have apologised, by printing big posters with the wrong date on them, can they do anything right?

Many people were left stranded by Irish Rail, it took three hours for some to leave the station, and they were left trying to get child minders, shopping and other things rearranged for the evening, and they didn't get home till all hours.

All because Irish Rail have goofed, yet again. They should go further than a refund of your ticket, they should be made pay for all the losses people suffered because of them. Until something like that happens Irish Rail wont care.

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