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Passenger Issues Recognised by Luas Public Inquiry

August 9th 2006

Last week the report of the inspector following the public inquiry into Luas line C1, Connolly to the Point Depot was published. While this line has gained much media coverage due to the opposition of various IFSC based companies little or no attention was paid to the end user.

Platform 11 made a written submission to the Minister for Transport supporting the line, but raising three significant concerns:

Firstly that crowd management facilities be provided at the Point Depot stop to deal with crowds following an event.

Secondly that sufficient ticket vending machines be provided to cope with demand noting the failure to provide such on the original Luas lines.

Thirdly that the RPA should engage with Iarnród Éireann to ensure Luas service level provides adequate capacity to accommodate rail passengers traveling through Spencer Dock station.

The inspectors report fully supported the concerns raised by Platform 11 and applied the following relevant conditions:

Condition B1

The RPA are required to provide a sufficient number of ticket vending machines and crowd controlling barriers in the vicinity of the Point stop so as to provide for proper crowd control on the occasion of major events at the Point Depot. The nature of the crowd controlling barriers and the number and location of ticket vending machines are to be agreed with the Planning Department of Dublin City Council.

Condition B5

The RPA are to carry out a study in conjunction with Iarnród Éireann, Dublin Bus and DTO regarding delivery of ongoing public transport services to the rest of the city of Dublin.


The full inspectors report is available through the Department of Transport as a pdf file
The full text of the Platform 11 submission is also available for download

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