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Honesty is the best policy

June 28th 2006

This morning Cork and Tralee line passengers bound for Dublin suffered extreme disruption owing to unofficial action by two Mallow based staff.

A statement published on Iarnród Éireann's website blamed the disruption on unofficial action undertaken by two station staff based in Mallow owing to a disciplinary action taken against one of them.

Once a train has a driver and guard no station staff are required to enable the service to operate as such there was no excuse for the cancellation of the two services this morning, if two station staff were in fact absent it in no way would effect services. Thus the Iarnród Éireann statement doesn't add up.

However Platform 11 has learned that the staff undertaking the unofficial action are in fact a guard and a ticket checker, both in fact on train staff not station staff. The ticket checker was disciplined and took unofficial action in which he was supported by a guard who Platform 11 understands to be his father.

Iarnród Éireann have since revised their statement deleting 'station staff' and replacing it with 'staff based in Mallow' having been made aware through the Platform 11 message board that Platform 11 had become aware of the truth.

The original misleading Iarnród Éireann statement is available here the corrected version is here

Is it too much to expect that Iarnród Éireann would be honest and upfront with information. Once again Platform 11 exposes what is really going on. The passenger deserves the truth.

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