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Kells Railway alignment

March 25th 2006

CIÉ is considering selling the former railway station in Kells for development, and compromising the Navan-Kells railway alignment in the process.

The railway alignment from Navan to Kells must be protected in it's entirety to facilitate a possible future reopening of the line as a commuter rail link as Kells population is booming.

Thinking beyond Transport 21 is essential if the planners of counties Meath and Cavan are going to reach a point where they are ahead of the game in place of constantly playing catch-up.

At the very least, the Government & Meath's planners should recognise that Kells once had a rail link, and that the people of Kells will at some point start to demand its return.

Platform 11 supports the Meath on Track call on Meath's planners, the County Council, the Chambers of Commerce and our elected representatives in Dáil Éireann to recognise this and to protect the entire
Navan and Kells railway alignment for the benefit of people in north Meath and Co Cavan.

With commute times to Dublin running at up to 2.5hrs each morning, it is time to start thinking beyond Transport 21 and to protect the Kells railway alignment now.

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