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Changes Limerick Nenagh Ballybrophy Timetable Not A Victory

September 30th 2005

This week it was announced that the afternoon train between Limerick and Ballybrophy via Nenagh would be rescheduled from its current 3pm to a later time possibly as late as 5pm. While seen by many local campaigners as a positive move this is no victory, its a start. This change offers no real benefit for Nenagh commuters. It is simply pointless to have a train leaving at or before 5pm, 5.30pm is the earliest time that could be of use to commuters. What is more pressing is the lack of a morning service to Limerick, you may be able to get home but have no way to get to work. 2007 for a morning service is a long way off.

It will most likely come to pass in December 2005 that the evening Limerick Ballybrophy service was retimed owing to a change in time of the connecting service to Dublin at Ballybrophy.

Unless significant money is invested in bringing the line up to modern standards even with a morning service the rail option will remain unattractive. Removal of the 25 mph speed restrictions is not enough. What is needed is a total relay backed by a proper integrated rail network for Limerick.

Platform 11 in the past proposed L-train for Limerick, in light of the success of Limerick Ennis, publication of the McCann report and new development plans a revised proposal will be available shortly.

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