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Platform 11 join European passenger body

Date: 16th January 2006
Contact: Derek Wheeler PRO (086) 3452651
Issued by: Platform 11 Press Office

Platform 11, Ireland's Rail users organisation, are delighted to announce our membership of the European Passenger Federation. (EPF)

Because of the growing impact of EU transport policy, passenger organisations from Belgium, Austria, Great-Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and France decided in early 2002 to join forces and establish a federation of passenger organisations which could promote the interests of public transport users at European level.

The EPF campaigns for passenger rights throughout Europe by conducting research, publishing reports, holding conferences and working constructively with transport operators and decision-makers.

The EPF mission statement includes the following:

  • Fares, ticketing and financial policies should actively encourage rail use.
  • Journeys should be seamless where possible, with easy and guaranteed connections - or viable alternatives if things go wrong.
  • Passengers should be properly consulted by operators when planning services and facilities.
  • Basic rights to compensation and redress should be harmonised throughout Europe and should apply to all forms of public transport.
  • Public transport should be accessible to all sections of society.
  • Platform 11's goals within Ireland, tie in with the aspirations of the EPF. That is why it was very important that we joined up with our European counterparts so we can truly highlight the often appalling standards of service and planning that has been a feature of our rail network.

    Recent initiatives by Platform 11, include a customer complaints section on our web site, that enables us to channel the many problems on our rail network, direct to Irish Rail and the Minister for Transport. Since this facility was launched last December, we have accumulated many complaints and we are currently in the process of directing them to the rail operator and the Minister in the search for accountability. That is what the everyday user of our rail network deserves.

    Platform 11 in conjunction with its European partners, including the Consumers Association of Ireland, will strive to represent the rail users of Ireland at National and European level. We want to empower rail users, support practical campaigns and lobby Government to realise that the development and operation of our rail network must be to the betterment of society, through prioritisation of vital projects, excellent customer service and sensible planning, using the principles of best international practice.

    Decision making must now involve the user. The days of political interference, indecision and secrecy must end, if we are to deliver an integrated and efficient rail service to the people of Ireland.


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