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Unread 14-09-2009, 17:38   #1
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Default Should irish rails reference to rosslare europort be removed ?

Am i the only one that thinks it is misleading that irish rail still mentions that it goes to rosslare europort ?

They dont ! Not anymore ! There is a considerable walk for passengers to get from the train station to the port.

Croke park maybe five minutes walk from drumcondra. Should we rename drumcondra station croke park ?

In my opinion referring to the port is false advertising and is misleading the passenger.
What do you folks think ?
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Unread 14-09-2009, 21:18   #2
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An interesting point. Having done this walk twice this year - on both occasions arriving by train - once to the ferry and once for the Dublin Express coach to return homewards, it does take around seven minutes or so. The station is on the very edge of what is considered the port area, beside the Bus Éireann Garage. Perhaps "Rosslare Harbour" would be more apt.

Curiously timetables for Bus Éireann routes 002, 003, 040, 132, 385 and 890 use "Rosslare Harbour" though BÉ would be fully justified in using "Rosslare Europort" as the coach bays are immediately in front of the terminal.

Thankfully, both occasions were calm and dry; even as a user-enthusiast I wouldn't enjoy the walk in the rain and wind.

The reasons that were cited for moving the station have certain validity but suggest a general lack of confidence amongst the powers that be in the whole area of rail-ferry integration.

The negative attitude/explanation of ah sure not that many people use the train to/from the ferry is not helpful, at the end of the day people are using it and it is a public service; if one doesn't like that way of travel they don't need to use it.

Personally I feel that the tracks should be reinstated at the terminal, though I can't see this happening.
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Unread 22-09-2009, 20:09   #3
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In my opinion and at the very least, the relevant Irish Rail schedules should carry an advisory to the effect that 'passengers intending to transfer between the railway station and the ferry terminal at Rosslare Europort should note that this involves an uncovered walk of c. seven minutes'.

On the last occasion that I arrived at Rosslare Europort (from Limerick Junction), some elderly British travellers were somewhat distressed to find that they would have to carry their baggage some distance to reach the ferry. Fortunately for them, it was a fine evening.
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Unread 23-12-2009, 23:59   #4
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Aren't the Irish Tourist board supposed to be working with Irish Rail with regard to some innovative ways of encouraging foreign / British visitors to Ireland?

Perhaps they could think of running trains to Rosslare that connect with the morning and evening UK ferry times, as a start. It's unbelievable that Irish Rail own this port but run the trains independently of the ferry companies.

And this uncovered walkway hardly sounds welcoming.
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Unread 24-12-2009, 03:42   #5
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The only thing IE should do with Rosslare Port is find some sucker to take it off their hands. Why IE owns a port that isn't a railhead is beyond me.
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Unread 24-12-2009, 11:49   #6
Mark Gleeson
Technical Officer
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Ive said this numerous times

The train times on the Rosslare line are broadly the same as 30+ years ago, in fact arrivals from Dublin are all earlier than before, they meet the requirements of the peak traffic flows, not the 6 or so foot passengers per ferry that is now seen in Rosslare. There are more services Rosslare Dublin now than in any time in recent history, but they are setup to meet the needs of the public, so its standing room only at times

In contrast Dun Laoghaire which as excellent train connections has gone from 5 sailings a day to 1 and from February the HSS is being replaced with a traditional slow ferry, the business just isn't there anymore
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Unread 24-12-2009, 13:03   #7
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The problem is the concept of the car ferry coupled with the introduction of eurolines services and low fare flying.

If you look at the options available to passengers we have irish ferries and the non-hss stena line services. People find the central corridor more efficient more choice down the port. sadly dun laoghaire has had its day im surprised stena line have not moved their last dun laoghaire services down to the port there was talk of it.

Rosslare is sadly more or less the same.

Irish rail is not entirely to blame for the loss of foot passengers on the dun laoghaire but they have certainly helped based on their timetables. Regarding the rosslare line the timetable substandard service on the rosslare line and the move of the railway station has contributed and is continuing to contribute to the demise of sail and rail no the rosslare line. These alone are some of the reasons i would not use rosslare line or dun laoghaire but the central line. One of the hidden gems is the sail and rail package it was barely advertised. im sure not a lot of people know about it but if there were cheap family day trip deals integrating the two advertised properly people would gain interest

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Unread 24-12-2009, 15:33   #8
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Tuesday 5th January, 2010 at 1330 hrs. is the last scheduled HSS sailing from Dún Laoghaire to Holyhead.

I have heard reports that the former Lynx berth at St. Michael's Pier (southern face of terminal) is being renovated to accommodate the Lynx once again and that two round trips daily are planned. None of this is confirmed but the use of the Lynx on Dún Laoghaire - Holyhead is credible in view of the fact that the 2010 sailing schedule for Rosslare - Fishguard currently only features the Stena Europe conventional ferry (i./e. no Lynx seasonal services on the route in 2010).

Eddie, that is a very good point. Certainly the SailRail should be promoted as the key way to/from Ireland for GB-based tourists.

Regarding Rosslare and connections to/from the ferry I think there needs to be compromise on all sides. All we are talking about are adjustments of a few minutes by one or both both companies. For instance the 2115 sailing to Fishguard wouldn't even be passing Tuskar Rock lighthouse when the evening train from Dublin pulls in. In this case it wouldn't be impossible for Stena to defer their sailing by thirty minutes.

Similarly those on the deck of the arriving Stena Europe at 1800hrs. will likely see the 1755 hrs. last train of the day snaking away towards the Strand and Dublin.

As Mark has said the Rosslare to Dublin line is set up to cater for people travelling to and from the city rather than than the ferry. Understandable and correct as this is, all that is needed is some minor adjustments by Irish Rail and Stena Line to facilitate connections to/from the ferry at Rosslare.

It's not a lot to ask for and personally I think it is downright shameful that something as basic as this is not happening of its own accord and as a matter of course and good practice.
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