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Unread 15-10-2017, 20:34   #21
Really Really Regluar Poster
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Originally Posted by Goods View Post
The reason WRC is important is that this is not about today and the six trains you mention, this is about the future.
Going on that logic the Harcourt line in Dublin should have been built on and there would never have been a Luas because putting that type of infrastructure in place today would be impossible.
Brexit means Rosslare is more important and links to it by rail are a solution for the future. Ireland is obliged under UN sustainable goals 2030 to move away from car/truck petrol-diesel as all our fuel is imported. Electric trains will be the way to go. Dublin Cork line is too busy.
Rubbish, the case can never be made for the line and the bulk of freight will still operate via the UK irregardless of Brexit and Rail Freight will never be substantial in Ireland.
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Unread 15-10-2017, 21:17   #22
Mark Gleeson
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Any further mention of freight will result in thread lock
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Unread 19-10-2017, 23:32   #23
Colm Moore
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Originally Posted by Goods View Post
the same argument was trotted out when Knock airport was being developed that it was not viable yet it is providing a valuable service to the West today.
Knock killed both Galway and Sligo airports.
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Unread 25-10-2017, 07:57   #24
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Default WRC


WRC is not about now its about a future Ireland. The reason we are so poor at planning in Ire is that we plan only within the 4yr term of a Govt whereas in more successful economies there is a long term planning process. Dublin is an example of the short term plan mess up. Hydrocarbon fuels are disappearing diesel will be a no go in 5yrs which is why electric rail will be an answer.
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Unread 26-10-2017, 07:04   #25
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I would imagine that you would save as much in addressing waste and inefficiecies on DART as in closing the WRC. You would have to imagine that Irish Rail have done a sweetheart deal on the price of electricity given the amount of empty space being dragged around - eight car trains are rarely required outside the morning and evening peak periods on monday to friday yet are to be found at other times rattling around with barely a hand full of passengers for most of the trip. Revenue protection on DART is none too hot either with some of the busiest stations in the country unmanned most of the time.

Unmanned stations and large lightly loaded trains increase the incidence of antisocial behaviour and vandalism which deters other passengers as well as generating expenditure on repairs.

Another inefficiency that has defied resolution for years is crew changing at Fairview which slows journeys and disrupts other services. What is the cost this represents in lost capacity ?
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Unread 11-11-2017, 20:14   #26
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Default WRC future option


Connectivity and future population growth are items that raise the importance of the invaluable infrastructure that is the Western Rail Corridor. A country with ready made infrastructure like WRC route has an advantage that should be exploited for the public good. Rail developments in the future will probably see single track systems that are lighter and less expensive to maintain which is why the WRC permanent way is so essential to open up
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Unread 26-11-2017, 17:37   #27
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Default WRC future option


"By 2050 it is expected that the majority of medium-distance passenger transport will be by rail". Thats the reason why the current generation should not make the same mistake as some of the previous political generation in IRE in dismantling rail infrastructure. The ideas that are coming for rail in the future are lighter and greener but having the permanent way in place is a huge advantage which in IRE is already the case like the Western Rail Corridor.
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Unread Yesterday, 21:49   #28
Thomas Morelli
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Does anyone know if other European countries have railways to specifically link together cities that are the sizes of Limerick and Galway?
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