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Unread 25-05-2013, 14:10   #1
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Default Could IE's service get any worse?

Today I took the 10.15 to Waterford, the train that operated the service arrived from Limerick at 09.55. So a 20 minute turnaround time when there is loads of other train in Heuston. Boarding started just after 10.05, train was very heavily booked. LED displays said out of service before they were changed. No names for booked seats up but only stickers on seats. Passengers didn't know where to sit or anything even with the names as many had boarded before the coach letters were updated on the outside.

No air con working or turned on, when we left Heuston there was only about 25 passengers on coach B but the rest was packed by the time we arrived in Waterford there was 60+ a few hen parties joined us en route. As when begin to pick up speed to 100mph on the KRP section the train or just my carriage started to shaking from side to side a lot as well as up and down. Once he slowed to 90 on the older track at Hazelhatch it was worse again. Along the way driver did break a lot and slow down a number of times once speed dropped below 90 no real problem. By no I was boiling, didn't want to press the emergency button to ask for the air con to be turn on, as the train filled by Athy the ticker man came around and I asked him as did others get it turned on. Well it didn't get turned or it wasn't working. So passengers were boiling with sweat pouring off them unable to get a drink as the trolley finished within 45 minutes after departure and didn't bother opening the dinning cart. Passengers were almost passing out and one practically did just before we arrived.

I didn't go see if it was working in other carriages as TBH I didn't have the energy as I felt very tired and weak and could of easily fainted. There was the odd bit of cold are into the carriage.

When we arrived in Waterford many of the engines cooling systems had being activated, would imagine that its automatic, not something that happens a lot.

The point of the above is:
1 - Why do they use a train that arrives in 20 minutes before when they have plenty of others shutdown on the platforms.
2 - I assume the ICR faults are logged either by the driver or automatically there was an air con problem it would of being noted.
3 - If there is higher levels of shacking in a carriages is there a way that a message is sent to the drivers cab, after all these ICR's have all the mod cons these days.
4 - Is it so much to ask for reservations to be switched on, I think its time that a check list is put up in the cabs in very big writing saying reservation system must be switched on. The driver had nothing else to be doing only looking at use walking down the platform.

Service levels would be better in India! This train should of being remove from service when it arrived from Limerick.

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