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Originally Posted by Mark View Post
A poster on (tolltag thread) very cleverly picked up on it, does anyone else find it amusing that only in a matter of months our major toll road is now contactless ticketing only - yet our transport department still maintain an archaic view on public transport fares?
Thats because there's real money at stake on the roads. Public transport is a drain. We all know they can do integrated ticketing on public transport, but we all know that there's little excheuqer insentive.

The boardsie is just recounting what every hack, jack, wannabe, drunk, tramp and junkie is talking about. Its been discussed on various radio shows and been the topic of a few letters to ed in the daily rags. Whats the point in highlighting it as it will just get swallowed up in the FF spin of death and be gloosed over by a thick electorate. We've been here before in different outfits.
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