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Arrived at 17:09, at platform 7, about 11 minutes early. There seemed to have been some faffing about between Cherry Orchard and Heuston, so we could have arrived a few minutes earlier.

Not a lot of luggage trolleys (the hazards of getting books as Christmas presents), with me taking the last from the rack at the concourse end of the platform - having a second rack would be useful. Removing the trolley was modestly problematic - it claimed to take 50c or €1 coins, but only the 50c worked. I couldn't find a trolley rack at the front entrance, so I just abandoned it (considerately), forgetting that I didn't get my 50c back!

* On time / early.
* I got a seat.
* Two opportunities to use the snack trolley, pleasant cashier.
* Wi-Fi for most of the trip

* €37 single is three times the Bus Éireann fare.
* We seem to have left early.
* 'Yoofs' stealing (temporarily) my sandwich and occupying my seat, but they got off at Mallow.
* Some football fans were modestly boisterous, but such is human nature.
* Vibration, lurching and track noise excessive at times. Wobble not so bad.
* Cold when the doors were open. This was worst at Limerick Junction due to the open platforms.
* While there was a RailGourmet cleaner on board, the saloon are was quite messy when we got to Heuston.
* Announcements do need to be rationalised.
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