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Originally Posted by ThomasJ View Post
Given what happened on the Maynooth line this morning I would expect to see similar changes to services on that line.
I think pigs will fly first. Maynooth line users are conditioned to being treated as second class citizens, and looking at twitter the complaints about services on that line are a magnitude less than those from Portmarnock users.

It's very frustrating that rail services to the city centre (Tara, and to a lesser extent Pearse) on the Maynooth line, which were already comparatively poor to the DART, can be cut back to give DART users an even better service. At weekends there isn't even an operational explanation for it. But Irish Rail will tell us were getting an upgraded service in December and these cuts are to make way for it. Sorry Irish Rail, but the bus beats the train to the city centre by a good 20 minutes for me under the new timetable. AND I can still interconnect with the LUAS at Trinity, something I can't really do with the new train timetable.
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