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Default 18 July 11:00 Galway to Dublin

The famous "Cú na Mara" heap of a train had a door problem in Athlone which delayed it 45 minutes. In the words of the train announcer the problem "proceeded" to Clara where maintenance was performed.

Nobody told anyone in Tullamore. Even station gaurd was sitting out on the platform with the Fasttrack and didn't know anything until the "down" Galway train left (15 minutes late) having run out of patience (it's a single line track)

No proper news and the train was always being promised until it actually rolled in 45 minutes late. Then there was no sandwiches left (on a lunch-time train) I bought the last can of softdrink, though it looked like there was plenty of bud.

Only person happy with the day was the taxi-man that got paid by me as I was too late to get where I was going by Luas.

The announcement also entertained the punters. The quicker they dump the 6202 series carriages the better. They are a heap of junk and worse than the slam door deathtraps, which at least don't have electrics so can't break down!
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