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Battery is certainly an option but what we are seeing is some form of diesel option.

Range is a issue, would need to be able to get out an back to Maynooth for an entire day with only a brief spell under the overhead in the city centre section to charge up. So you couldn't leave Connolly without the assurance of enough charge to get back. Dundalk/Drogheda isn't too bad as you get under the wires as far as Malahide, but you can only charge at full rate when stopped as otherwise you would overload the overhead system.

Lithium-titanate is the new favorite as they support much faster charging which is key to leverage regenerative braking and rapid charging.

Siemens has a train for Austria I've been on fitted out with batteries and if they deliver on the promises it could be viable.

The Drumm battery train was an incredible world leading piece of technology for its time. It's range was nothing short of incredible, 80 miles on a single charge. Modern trains are vastly heavier and come with all the extras of air conditioning and so on which are a significant demand and modern 3 phase drives are very power hungry.

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