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Donal Quinn
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can't find the thread on reserved seating but had another great experience with reserved seating this weekend

sat 6 Jan 07 14:30 Dublin -> Athenry - seats not labelled
sun 7 Jan 07 18:18 Athenry -> Dublin - seats not labelled

what was really clever though was that the first class carraige (6202) (where my standard class seats were to be located) was absolutely freezing! like most others we quickly deserted it for the warmer confines of the normal carraiges

so not only have IE managed to make first class no better than standard, they now make it worse

i have booked seats about 10 times now and have yet to sit in my alloted seat.

also the irritating yet indicative (and probably influential) whats-hot-and-whats-not column in the weekend indo listed IE reserved seats as 'not' because you can reserve seats and yet have to queue with all the other punters... of course you could just sit in the pub and wait until the others had boarded and then go and fight for your unlabelled seat!!

ryanair have shown that priority queueing is a cheap and effective way to make people book ahead (online checkin) - could IE ever reach these heady heights of marketing competence?
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