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9:00pm Dublin - Cork - Friday 13th.

1) Announcement before train departed completely ridiculous.
"Passengers who are not travelling please leave the train immediately as doors are about to close - doors are now closing please stand clear of the doors"
(didn't really give much chance if you weren't travelling and did actually have to get off!)

2) Large section of missing seats in one MK3 coach (just after the dining car)

3) Several seats in our coach had badly damaged arm rests. It looked like the front of the arm rest assembly had been knocked right off.

4) While the internal doors were checked by a guy in an IE uniform. One at the end of our coach (standard class 2 away from dining car) didn't work and remained open.

There were 2 problems, both of which I thought were handled very well however:

1) The train borded slightly late due. While the platform announcements didn't explain why, they did keep explaining that bording was slightly delayed and apologised. The ticket checker speeded things along by pre-checking all of the tickets in the queue. When the train did pull up, he simply opened the barriers and people rapidly boarded without any delay.

2) The dining car had a "technical problem with the boiler" ... however, the dining car person came on the intercom and she announced that she would be unable to serve tea/coffe/hot drinks due to a fault with the water boiler. I thought that this was quite reasonable as it saved people who wanted tea/coffee a long trip up the train.
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