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Originally Posted by Inniskeen View Post
I am a bit confused by the previous post. Are you are not saying that a four-car ICR was used on the 1500 to Cork ? 1705 Tralee ? or just that the number of bookable seats was reduced by 144 on each service ?
The number of seats was reduced in the event of a 4 car being used, I expect not used on a Friday but would of being used mid week but they don't want online capacity to exceed 3 coaches in case a 4 car was used.

Old online capacity for 6 coach services.
Non First class services
First class services
36 (F)-72-36-36-72-36

Current online capacity
36 (F)-72-36

Both the Cork and Tralee services are scheduled with first class 22's. Possibly a bit of forward thinking could of being done for this weekend.
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