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Sorry about that Terrontress, had a similar experience a few years back on the train from Ennis to Dublin.

Being on holiday, somewhat tired, grouchy and hungover, the last thing I was in the mood for was a bunch of screaming teenage alco-scum at the opposite end of a Cravens....and they were making a racket.

Walked up, aggressively, threatened them.


My reply.

"You have the right to remain silent, I suggest for your own sake, and everyone else on this train, you use it, before I get the train guard to confiscate your cans. Now enjoy you drink....quietly".

They got out Thurles....and I slept. Plus, I knew I could batter them if I wanted to.....because I'd be well away from Ireland within 3 days in any case .

I know I am getting old when I start saying things like.....

"We never behaved like that as kids, we'd get a clip on the ear"

But its true.....we were either scared of misbehaving, or we knew the boundary.
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