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Originally Posted by Inniskeen View Post
Maynooth to Connolly might have been quicker than usual but 30 minutes for about 17 miles is hardly fast. The actual allowance is almost sufficient to stop at all stations as well demonstrated by the very busy 0818 service yesterday.

The scheduling of longer distance trains in the Dublin area is such that the train is generally less competitive than alternative modes which are routinely quicker, cheaper and less crowded, hence patronage has declined to the point where a lot of services are barely relevant.
Again there is a balance to be struck here - the need to maintain a relatively intense commuter service from Maynooth & M3 Parkway and to fit the Intercity service in, all on a two track railway.

What you seem to want would need extra track and I can't see where you'd possibly fit that in on the Maynooth line. It's all well and good saying journey times on longer distance services have extended on the Connolly side, but so has the number of local commuter/DART services to try and meet the needs of Dublin residents, and trying to fit both on a two track railway and still please everyone is the art of the impossible in my view.
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